Centuries Pass And We Meet Again | 72-Reasons

((Did a little time tweaking so that John becoming superhuman happened around the same time as Khan, and that they knew each other during the Eugenics war. Repost for you :) ))


The instant the word left his mouth he knew exactly who it was that he would find behind that cell wall. He felt every instant those pale eyes bored into him, and felt the heaviness of the vial of Khan’s blood in his pocket the whole way back to the medical bay.

He’d long wanted to study his genetic alterations, to study them, not for reproduction, but simply to see the difference between the C-24 and his own creation. They were different, he knew, but they were also so alike.

The first chance they got to speak was in the medbay, where Khan was relocated, and Bones’ glare had the security detail meekly hovering by the door.

“I wondered what had happened to you.” He said, voice so soft that only Khan, with his own super senses could hear, “When they couldn’t find your body…I figured you had disappeared somehow.”

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